Business Resilience: Taking a Holistic, Yet Practical Approach


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During 2019, the SECO Institute published a definition of business resilience, which builds upon the vision of organizations taking a holistic approach to organizational resilience as set out in the BS 65000:2014 organizational resilience standard.

The SECO Institute’s definition reads as follows:
[Business resilience is] the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, detect, respond and adapt to substantial change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper by integrating management systems that build resilience, and develop capabilities for an effective risk response that safeguards the interests of key interested parties and restores the organization’s capabilities.

The SECO Institute believes that, for effective business resilience, organizations need to combine risk management, information security & data protection, business continuity management and crisis management in one holistic unit.

In this webinar, Gert Kogenhop (Hon.) MBCI, will explore the SECO Institute’s approach to business resilience and the benefits and challenges that such an approach can bring to organizations. Gert will describe practical ways in which organizations can restructure and how the inevitable opposition and inertia can be overcome.

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